US Capitol Police arrest 22 Kavanaugh protesters for 'disorderly conduct' in first hour of Senate hearing
A protester is removed from Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court hearing (Twitter/screen grab)

U.S. Capitol Police reportedly arrested at least 22 people during the first hour of the Senate hearing into the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee' Brett Kavanaugh.

During what was described as a "raucous" opening, Democrats called on Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) to adjourn the hearing because only 10 percent of Kavanaugh's writings have been made available to committee members.

As Democrats clashed with Grassley, members of the hearing's gallery stood up to protest against Kavanaugh's record and against the Republican-controlled process.

According to NBC's Frank Thorpe V, at least 22 protesters were taken out of the room and placed under arrest in the first hour of the hearing alone.