Veteran journalist Dan Rather: America has reached 'peak crazy' — and GOP leadership is AWOL
Dan Rather (Photo: Screen capture)

Responding to the bombshell New York Times op-ed in which an anonymous senior Trump administration official admonishes the president and claims they're a member of the "resistance," veteran journalist Dan Rather pointed out just how "crazy" the country has gotten.

"How many times can you say it's a perilous time for the country?" Rather wrote in a Facebook post. "How many times can you say this is unprecedented?"

Donald Trump's presidency, the journalist wrote, is "an alternative reality [that] has been stifling our democracy for well over a year."

"Seemingly each and every day brings new evidence of a man who has neither the temperament nor the morality nor the stability to lead this nation," Rather mused.

Those high stakes were upped this week when Watergate journalist Bob Woodward revealed excerpts from his book detailing the turmoil in the Trump White House on Tuesday and the stakes were raised even higher Wednesday with the op-ed, the reporter noted.

"We are at a moment of peak crazy," Rather wrote.

Though polls show that most Americans are "unhappy" with Trump's presidency, the veteran broadcaster wrote, the Republican Party leadership has been AWOL.

"Where is the GOP leadership?" Rather asked. "They can help stop this. They can put country above party."

"I can hear the rumbles of justice and accountability," he concluded. "Whither are we bound?"