The View shocked Fox News ‘sleaze factory’ is still considered news after Tucker Carlson’s battle with Michael Avenatti

Pretty much everyone on The View was repelled one way or another by Tucker Carlson and/or Michael Avenatti, after the lawyer for Trump accuser Stormy Daniels made an appearance Thursday evening on Fox News' "Tucker Carlson Tonight". The interview spiraled into a screaming match, during which Avenatti called out Carlson for labeling him "a creepy porn lawyer" while "[giving] the president a pass who had unprotected sex with a porn star with a 4-month-old son at home." Carlson, for his part, responded that he prefers "humiliation porn. That's why I watch you."

"These two despise each other," Abby Huntsman began, with a look of obvious disgust on her face. "Sitting there as a woman, watching two men talking about who watches more porn than the other, I didn't take anything away from this other than it being two men trying to out-macho the other one."

Co-host Sunny Hostin thought Avenatti put in the better performance and called out both Carlson's departure from accepted news practices, as well as his hypocrisy on the topic itself. "The banner on the bottom calling him a 'creepy porn lawyer', and you call yourself a television host, and it's on a news platform? That's something we would never be allowed to do," Hostin said. "And to shame a lawyer for representing a client, you know, why doesn't he call the president the 'creepy porn president'?"

Joy Behar reminded the table of the source. "I find it really, really rich that they're calling sleaze on Fox when, who ran Fox? Roger Ailes," referring the former Fox News executive, pushed out after multiple allegations of sexual harassment. "That whole place was a sleaze factory, and they're calling Avenatti out on sleaze?"

Behar also countered Carlson's claim that Avenatti was exploiting his client. "The woman has got a book out. she's making the tour. She's got that 'Let's Make America Horny Again' tour," Behar said. "She's making money!"

"And this was her profession when Donald Trump slept with her," added Hostin, rolling her eyes and laughing. "This was her profession."

Huntsman tried to say that every network has problems with sexual harassment, saying "isolating Fox isn't necessarily fair."

But Hostin quickly smacked down the argument. "I'm isolating Fox because they're calling him a creepy porn lawyer. I want to see the chyron on Fox that says 'creepy porn president'."

Watch the video below.