The View's Joy Behar scorches Melania Trump on CNN: 'Why shouldn't she go along with it? She was in Slovenia doing nothing'
Joy Behar appears on CNN's Van Jones Show/Screenshot

Joy Behar of the View appeared on Van Jones CNN show on Saturday to discuss her long acquaintanceship with the Trumps.

Behar discussed how the Trumps were viewed before Donald's political rise, and suggested he was known as a con-man in his hometown.

"I just thought he was kind of a New York character who ripped off people at his businesses," Behar said. "Which, everybody in New York seemed to know that."

Behar said that no one should feel bad for First Lady Melania Trump, who Behar got to reveal her birther beliefs during an interview segment in which Melania Trump tried to hawk her old jewelry line.

"That was the one place where she showed her true colors because she believed in birtherism, just like her husband," Behar said. "She said they didn't have the right birth certificate in Hawaii."

Melania Trump has it good, Behar said. She was doing "nothing" before marrying Trump.

"She is now enjoying the fruits of the American country," Behar said. "Her parents are now enjoying chain migration.... why shouldn't she go along with it? She was in Slovenia doing nothing. I don't know what she was doing. What was she doing there? OK, she was a model. Now she's the first lady."

Watch below.