Watch: Brett Kavanaugh nods 'yes' when asked about Yale sexual assault before denying it
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh during his testimony. (Screenshot)

The final question of Thursday's Brett Kavanaugh hearings went to folksy Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy, who asked Kavanaugh plainly about the allegations against him.

Kennedy opened his time by asking Kavanaugh if he believed in God, then looked him in the eye and asked him about the accusations against him.

Kavanaugh said that he thought perhaps Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was sexually assaulted, but denied that it was him.

Kennedy then asked Kavanaugh about accusations that he had sexually assaulted a Yale classmate during his freshman year, by forcing her hand onto his exposed penis during a drinking game.

When responding to the question, Kavanaugh began by nodding yes. He then proceeded to deny the allegation.

Body language experts say that nodding yes when answering a question which you answer as "no" is a sign that you are lying. The reaction is hard-wired into the human limbic system.

Watch below.