WATCH: Catholic cardinal gets shamed by his own congregation for sex abuse scandal
Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, DC. (Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston)

Protesters interrupted Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the archbishop of Washington and former bishop of the Pittsburgh Diocese, in Mass on Sunday as he tried to apologize for the sexual abuse scandal within the church. reported that Wuerl has faced criticism for allegedly trying to keep victims quiet while in Pittsburgh.

Wuerl asked his congregation in Washington's Annunciation Catholic Church to forgive his "errors in judgment" and "inadequacies."

One member of the congregation yelled “Shame on you!” before walking out.

“Yes, my brothers and sisters, shame. I wish I could redo everything over in my 30 years as a bishop and always get it right. That’s not the case,” Wuerl said.

Another turned churchgoer turned her back on Wuerl in protest.

The woman told CNN on Monday that she feels she has the right "to make a respectful protest."

"I was trying to send a message that I -- just speaking for myself -- I do not approve of the way the church has handled this scandal for the last 16 years," Mary Challinor told CNN.