WATCH: CNN host humiliates conservative Jack Kingston for calling NYT op-ed ‘sedition’
CNN anchor Victor Blackwell and former Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA).

The conservative war on The New York Times for publishing a scathing editorial by a "senior official in the Trump administration" escalated further on Sunday when former Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) smeared the column as seditious.

Appearing with CNN's Victor Blackwell on Saturday, Kingston suggested the unflattering newspaper column could amount to sedition or treason.

"Let me turn now to this search for the anonymous senior administration official and the president's call for Jeff Sessions to look into it. What crime would the Department of Justice be investigating by searching for this person?" Blackwell asked.

"If he or she is conspiring with others, which is what he or she is bragging about, you know, is there sedition?" Kingston wondered.

"You've given me four 'ifs' and three questions now," Blackwell continued. "Should Sessions investigate? Should the DOJ investigate?"

"I think they should look at it. Is there sedition? Is there treason?" Kingston wondered.

"What is the crime?" Blackwell repeated. "You've given me, again, a list of questions and a list of ifs, don't you need more than that to start a federal investigation?"

"I don't know that you do," Kingston replied.