WATCH: ‘Frozen’ musical actor quickly thwarts Trump supporter’s protest – and has no regrets about it
Pabbie, the wise leader of the trolls, as portrayed by Timothy Hughes.

A supporter of President Donald Trump attempted to interrupt a curtain call following a performance of Disney's Frozen on Broadway.

The man unfurled a banner reading, "Re-Elect Trump" with the slogan, "keep America great again" and the year 2020.

While the rest of the cast continued to bow, 6'6" actor Timothy R. Hughes swiftly confiscated the banner and returned to celebrating with his cast mates.

Following the performance, Hughes defended the diverse cast.

"What does it say about our country and politics when a man at the show tonight felt the need to protest Disney’s Frozen on Broadway with a pro Trump flag??" he asked. "How frightening is it that our show’s messages of love, acceptance, and diversity have become the opposition to supporting Trump?"

"I will not apologize for how I responded to the disrespectful man trying to interrupt this moment with a pathetic political platform," he promised.

"Not at our show! Not in front of my beautiful, diverse, talented cast at Frozen Broadway," he added.

Hughes included the hashtag "resist" on his Instagram post.