WATCH: Hurricane Florence leaves countless dead fish on I-40 as flood waters recede leaving ‘horrible’ stench
Dead fish on I-40 (Photo: Penderlea Fire Department/Facebook)

Hurricane Florence didn't merely destroy homes, create mold and make people homeless, it also brought "countless" fish into towns along with the flood waters. As that water receded, the fish did not.

“We can add ‘washing fish off of the interstate’ to the long list of interesting things firefighters get to experience!” The Charlotte Observer cited a Facebook post from the Penderlea Fire Department.

On a stretch of I-40 in Pender County, near Wallace, the firefighters had to use their hoses to rinse off the road and try and push the dead fish into the bushes.

“Hurricane Florence caused massive flooding in our area and allowed the fish to travel far from their natural habitat, stranding them on the interstate when waters receded,” the post said.

Resident Dan George posted a video of a roadway similarly covered with fish. One was obviously stuck in a fence as it tried to recede with the waters.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation noted the problem as well, posting photos with fish of all sizes, including one large fish that seemed to be stuck while trying to eat a smaller fish that was still hanging out of its mouth.

You can see the videos and photos below: