Watch: John Oliver hilariously begs Florida to do away with its extreme felony voter disenfranchisement laws
John Oliver appeals to Florida voters to restore voting rights to non-violent felony offenders/Screenshot

In November, Floridians will go to the polls to decide whether they should do away with the state's extreme felony disenfranchisement laws, which leave a huge portion of the state without voting rights.

Republican governor Rick Scott has been accused of using the process to suppress the vote in the state, which is known for narrow elections. He's bragged about the fact that there are "no standards" behind his decisions on who to restore rights to. Among other things, one board member is known for asking almost everyone who goes before him whether they attend church and where.

On his HBO show Sunday, John Oliver took on the topic and then begged Floridans to support the effort to repeal the law.

"I would like to speak directly to the people of Florida for a second," Oliver said. "I know that we make fun of you a lot, Florida, because of all the stupid things that happen where live. You're probably expecting me to steer away from all that and appeal to your innate goodness and state of reason. But I'm not going to do that, I'm going to double down... I mean, come on Florida, you're Florida."

Oliver then aired some hilarious Florida Man headlines.

"Yes, Floridians, you do make mistakes—but it's also in your nature to help one another recover," he said.

Watch the segments explaining the background of the law and where Oliver appeals to Floridians below.