Watch Kamala Harris explain to silent Republicans that Christine Ford tried to protect them from Kavanaugh
Sen. Kamala Harris (CSPAN)

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) served as a prosecutor and the Attorney General of California. She has spent her career working with law enforcement and the FBI. She noted the inappropriate nature of the cross-examination in the Judiciary Committee Thursday when no investigation was done.

"You know you are not on trial?" Harris began by asking Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. "You are not on trial. You are sitting here before members of the United States Senate's Judiciary Committee because you had the courage to come forward, because, as you have said, you believe it was your civic duty. I was struck in your testimony by what you indicated as your intention when you first let anyone associated with these hearings know about it."

Harris recalled that Dr. Ford reached out to her Congresswoman hoping that she would talk to the White House about the information she provided.

"I know having personally prosecuted sexual assault cases and child sexual assault cases that study after study shows trauma, shame and the fear of consequences almost always cause survivors to at the very least delay reporting if they ever report at all," Harris continued. "Police recognize that. Prosecutors recognize that. Medical and mental health professionals recognize that."

Harris noted that the details from the therapy session that were created six years before the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

"You have passed a polygraph and submitted the results to this committee. Judge Kavanaugh has not," Harris continued. "You have called for outside witnesses to testify and for expert witnesses to testify. Judge Kavanaugh has not. But most importantly, you have called for an independent FBI investigation into the facts. Judge Kavanaugh has not. And we owe you that. We owe the American people that. Let's talk about why that is so important."

The FBI did not reach that same conclusion, however, because Harris said that the FBI doesn't do that, to begin with.

"Contrary to what has been said today, the FBI does not reach conclusions. The FBI investigates, interviews witnesses, gathers facts and presents that information to the United States Senate for our consideration and judgment," Harris said. This committee knows that in spite of what you have been told. In 1991 during a similar hearing, one of my Republican colleagues in this committee stated these claims were taken seriously being is the federal bureau of investigation launch an inquiry to determine their validity. The FBI fulfilled its duty and issued a confidential report. Well, that could have and should have been done here."

She then cited the procedure used by Maricopa County prosecutor Rachel Mitchell herself to handle sexual assault cases. Even in this case, that procedure was not followed.

Watch the video below: