WATCH: Accused child molester Roy Moore vouches for Brett Kavanaugh in worst endorsement yet
Judge Brett Kavanaugh and former Judge Roy Moore, composite image.

In an interview with the pro-Trump One American News network, failed GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore urged his fellow Republicans to vote with their "conscience" and support Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination.

"I think they need to take a stand," Moore said. "I think they need to do what their conscience dictates. They know what's happening."

The former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court — whose own campaign was derailed after several women came forward alleging they had sexual relationships with him when they were teenagers and he was a 30-something district attorney — bemoaned the "tactics" used to shoot down nominations.

"It's so obvious that these tactics are used just days before a very important event," Moore said. "But these come up right before an election or a confirmation, and I think the Republicans need to take a stand. I think a lot of them don't. They don't like criticism."

He went on to claim that Democrats bring sexual misconduct allegations for political gain.

"I think they don't care about transparency, they just use it because it's effective," he told ONN. "They know that on the one hand, you offend women if you believe somebody that says they weren't guilty of sexual misconduct. On the other hand, if you don't believe them, you're condemning the person accused of guilt to prove his own innocence. It's a Catch-22."

Watch below: