WATCH: Shots fired at Del Mar Fairgrounds just before Ice Cube concert
Individuals fleeing gunfire at Del Mar track (Photo: Screen capture)

Shots rang out at the Del Mar Fairgrounds at the Thoroughbred Club Sunday as the final horserace and before an Ice Cube concert.

According to NBC San Diego, the 2018 racing season was coming to a close when a man fired his gun near the race track. Witnesses captured the horrifying video that showed people fleeing for safety.

Sheriff's deputies said that the suspect was hit when police returned fire and he was taken to a local hospital with unknown injuries. There are no additional reports of people being hit with the gunfire and no other suspects are at large.

Announcers could be overheard on TVG's broadcast alerting to the sound of the shots.

"There's gunfire at the track, there's gunfire at the track, there is gunfire at the..." the microphone was then cut off suddenly, but the crew was not harmed.

It's still unknown why the individual fired the weapon but the Del Mar Racetrack tweeted that the situation was contained and the Ice Cube concert would move forward as planned.

Watch the videos below: