WATCH: Trump-backing steelworker admits GOP tax cuts have only benefited his 'assh*le' boss so far
Steelworker Erich Collins (Screen cap).

Erich Collins, an Iraq War veteran and current steelworker, supported President Donald Trump in 2016 -- but he now fears that the president's signature tax cut is only going to people at the top.

In an interview with Vice News, Collins says that he and his fellow steelworkers are getting "sh*t on" by their employer.

He then went on to say that he hopes the president has noticed that many of the steelworkers who backed him in 2016 don't think that their companies are doing a good job of helping out their employees, despite a spike in industry profits that have occurred since Trump slapped tariffs on foreign steel.

"Hopefully it caught his attention and I hope he would be listening to the workers," he said.

Collins was then asked what he would want Trump to do to show support for steelworkers in their dispute with their bosses.

"I'd like to have him have a sit down with the CEO and tell him to stop being an assh*le," he said. "And this isn't what I gave the tax breaks for, so guys like only him can benefit and reap from what we sow."

Collins also said that he would be "extremely disappointed" if the president sided with "corporate greed" if the workers chose to go on strike.

Watch the video below.