WATCH: Trump supporter tells her daughters boys groping girls is 'no big deal'

As lawmakers and reporters reeled over the latest accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, there's little consensus about what can and should be believed and what any of it means for his confirmation. Donald Trump today doubled down on his stance that the accusations are a "con game" by Democrats bent on sabotaging an innocent man, even as more accusations that he engaged in sexual misconduct piled up.

A woman Trump supporter from Bozeman, Montana, interviewed by MSNBC yesterday thinks the initial accusation by Christine Blasey Ford is no big deal, even if events occurred as Dr. Ford has described them.

"Groping a woman? At 18?" she says incredulously. "I mean how many guys do you know who think that's no big deal?" she asked her young daughters, who nodded affirmatively. "It's not a big deal," the woman continued.

"If he was pro-abortion, the liberals wouldn't be fighting this hard," she concluded.