WATCH: White House ‘not ready to pull his nomination’ but unsure ‘how scorched earth to go’ defending Kavanaugh
Nicolle Wallace and Ashley Parker on MSNBC

The host of MSNBC's "Deadline: White House" drilled down into the mechanics of the White House response to allegations of sexual assault by Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Anchor Nicolle Wallace, who served as director of communications in the George W. Bush administration, worked alongside Kavanaugh.

Wallace referred to her panel as, "a Washington Post staff meeting," with the newspaper's White House reporters Ashley Parker and Seung Min Kim along with national political reporter Robert Costa.

"Ashley, take us inside, who is running the show at the White House," Wallace asked. "Who is running the Kavanaugh defense?"

"It's a good question, in part because there's some internal debate on just how this defense should be run," Parker replied.

Parker noted that White House counsel Don McGahn, principal deputy White House press secretary Raj Shah and "all sorts of other players" are involved.

"And not everyone agrees on the exact strategy, there's a general sense that they're not ready to pull his nomination, that they do believe he needs to be defended," Parker noted. "But it is a real debate over how scorched earth you go -- and just what that public defense looks like right now."