Woman who may have witnessed Christine Blasey Ford's assault prepared to speak to Senate and FBI: report
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Image via screengrab.

A woman who allegedly witnessed Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's sexual assault is prepared to speak to the FBI and Senate Judiciary Committee about the incident.

The Washington Post reported Wednesday that Elizabeth Rasor, the college girlfriend of Kavanaugh's friend Mark Judge, said through her lawyer that she "would welcome to the opportunity" to speak to officials.

Though Rasor did not corroborate Ford's allegation, she told the New Yorker that Judge "ashamedly" confided in her about an incident in college when he and other men "took turns having sex with a drunk woman."

"Rasor said that Judge seemed to regard it as fully consensual," the New Yorker noted. "She said that Judge did not name others involved in the incident, and she has no knowledge that Kavanaugh participated in it."

The Post acquired the woman's letter from a senior aide to a Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

"Ms. Rasor’s recollection of what occurred is stated accurately in the New Yorker piece and she would welcome the opportunity to share this information with agents of the FBI as part of a re-opened background investigation," the woman's attorney Roberta Kaplan wrote.