WSJ politics editor tells Fox News that FBI has to now investigate Kavanaugh accusations 'for the judge's sake'
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh testifies during the third day of his confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., September 6, 2018. REUTERS/Alex Wroblewski

Last week, the Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal was all-in on Brett Kavanaugh. The conservative paper's editoral board issued a defense of Trump's Supreme Court nominee, calling Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's accusations an "ambush" and writing that "a story this old and unprovable can’t be allowed to delay a Supreme Court confirmation vote."

Today, at least one staffer is having second thoughts. Political editor Jeanne Cummings appeared on Fox News Wednesday and called for an FBI investigation into Kavanaugh.

After host Trace Gallagher laid out the shocking accusations of Kavanaugh's involvement in a series of gang rapes of passed out women, Cummings said it was time for an investigation.

"It seems more sensible now than it did before that there could really be a law enforcement investigation," she said. "When we only had Dr. Ford's allegation there were only three people—if you believe her version—there were three people aware of what happened, not a big party. Now, with these new allegations you have multiple events, you have more attendees, so there is actually a place where the FBI could actually go and find witnesses."

Moreover, Cummings said, "it is so incredibly awful" that the FBI should see if it did happen.

"To any normal person it's shocking," she said. "And I think so even for the judge's sake it would be good to, like, square this thing and either lift the shadow from him and his friends and the entire class or take action... this just does cry for an honest broker to look at this and see what happened."

Watch below.