Yale student said she was warned Brett Kavanaugh liked his law clerks to 'look a certain way'
Brett Kavanaugh offers testimony at his confirmation hearing. (Screenshot)

One thing Republicans have said about Judge Brett Kavanaugh is that even if the childhood sexual assault occurred, there are no other examples of bad behavior from him. Somehow the incident being isolated made it less concerning to conservatives defending the Supreme Court nominee. Now another incident has come to light.

According to a Yale Law student, Kavanaugh liked for his law clerks to "look a certain way," The Huffington Post reported Wednesday.

The student explained that she received the combination of warning and advice from one of her professors on Kavanaugh. The professors who alerted her to the information were Jed Rubenfeld and his wife, Amy Chua.

"Though neither said the judge did anything untoward regarding the women he worked with, the student found their counsel off-putting," The Post reported.

“I had mixed feelings,” the former student said. “On the one hand, it’s a yellow flag; on the other hand, phew, I hadn’t heard anything else.”

The first comment came from Rubenfeld, who walked through a list of judges the student could work for. He warned the student about two judges specifically, Alex Kozinski, a former 9th Circuit Court of Appeals judge known to harass clerks. He has since retired after accusations came to light. Interestingly, Kavanaugh once clerked for Kozinski before he worked with Justice Anthony Kennedy.

The second was Kavanaugh.

“He did not say what the ‘certain look’ was. I did not ask,” the woman said. “It was very clear to me that he was talking about physical appearance, because it was phrased as a warning ― and because it came after the warning about Judge Kozinski.”

After the student interviewed with Kavanaugh, Chua reinforced what Rubenfeld said.