'It's an absolute lie': MSNBC's Ali Velshi calls Trump's new 'middle class tax cut' outright make-believe
Ali Velshi (MSNBC)

President Donald Trump proposed a new tax cut since the one the GOP instituted is increasingly more unpopular. This time, he said it would be a "middle class" tax cut and it would be passed before the election in November. There's just one problem with that, Congress isn't in session. In fact, Congress is never in session just before an election.

Trump didn't let the facts get in the way, however.

"Just 15 days ahead of the midterms, he wants to get his message out to as many mainstream outlets as possible," said MSNBC correspondent Geoff Bennett. "Part of that is because Fox News has stopped carrying his rallies in real-time. The president is trying to make an end-run around that, talking to reporters about any and everything. You saw him talk about this tax--"

"Congress isn't in session. It's a lie," MSNBC host Ali Velshi cut in. "Congress has to pass the tax cuts. The idea of a middle-class tax cut before the election -- you don't have to say it, Geoff, I will: it's a lie."

"The president is trying to get the message of a Trump tax cut out there ahead of the midterms, so you have establishment Republicans who are more inclined to vote for something like that over the fear-mongering he's trying to do with this migrant caravan, that they will hear that," Bennett continued. "Also talking about scrapping this long-standing nuclear treaty with Russia. You heard our colleague Hallie Jackson ask him if the U.S. was going to build up its arsenal. He said 'Yes, until people come to their senses.' He said that was a clear threat thrown against China and Russia."

Watch below: