‘Angrier, loopier and more belligerent’: Conservative columnist explains how much worse GOP will get after the midterms
Lindsey Graham (Photo: Screen capture)

Conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin warned on Monday that there will be even fewer GOP "measured leaders" on Capitol Hill following the 2018 midterm elections.

Rubin blamed "right-wing populism" for the "Judiciary Committee rage festival" at Judge Brett Kavanaugh's Thursday confirmation hearing.

"The mingling of right-wing populism and the disintegration of conservative tone are inextricably linked," Rubin argued. "Right-wing populism thrives on anger, resentment and hostility toward elites. To defend irrational policies built on non-facts and fear of outsiders, vast conspiracies are required."

"You really don’t see many rational, humble, modest, respectful right-wing populists," she added, parenthetically.

"If know-nothingism is essential to support your movement, you’re not likely to see many intellectually honest, measured leaders," she charged.

Rubin predicted the problem will get worse after, "another tranche of Republicans retire or lose this year."

"The Republicans who remain will be angrier, loopier and more belligerent than we see even now," Rubin charged.

"Perhaps instead of ideology or even experience, candidates for spots in any branch of government, at any level, should be assessed on temperament. Without cooler heads in elected and appointed offices, our descent into rage, extremism and meanness will continue," she continued. "Government by screeching bullies is not a political system any of us should desire."

You can read the whole piece here.