'Utter bullsh*t': Assassinated journalist's editor lets loose in epic Twitter storm calling out Saudis
Saudi Arabia hit out at accusations Jamal Khashoggi was murdered inside its Istanbul consulate (AFP/File / MOHAMMED AL-SHAIKH)

Washington Post editor Karen Attiah was furious after hearing the claims from the Saudi government that Jamal Khashoggi's assassination was merely an accident from a "fistfight."

In a perfect Tweet-storm, Attiah explained she was so frustrated and angry after hearing the lies.

"Utter bullshit," she said at the beginning of her comments. "Khashoggi was a 60-year-old man. What sort of equal “fight" would he have had against 15 other men? And who brings a bone saw to a 'discussion?!' The stupidity of the Saudi explanation is mind-boggling."

Saudi state television explained that a member of Mohammed bin Salman's inner circle was the one who actually killed the journalist. The government explained that the man has been dismissed, but Attiah found any denials from the crown prince absurd.

"And we are supposed to believe, that Mohammed Bin Salman had no knowledge of this, even though his right-hand man has been implicated, and a team of 15 men flew in on private planes entered a consulate on foreign soil to carry this out?" she asked, rhetorically.

Twitter user Susan Foster Quintana quoted the crown prince from another interview, saying MBS knows and sees all.

‏"'Do you think I can act by myself without taking orders/guidance?' said MSB's now-fired very close adviser Saud al-Qahtani in a tweet last year. 'I am an employee and a trustworthy executive to the orders of the king and the crown prince.'”

"What I hate about the statement is the use of the passive construction to imply this was an accident," Attiah noted in another tweet. "Jamal didn’t just 'die during a struggle.' Khashoggi was killed. By Saudi men. In a consulate. His life was taken from him."