Attorney of MAGAbomber's family: He was a 14-year-old in adult body who found 'father figure' in Trump
Anderson Cooper and , Ron Lowy, [Photo:screengrab from video]

On Friday, the attorney for the alleged bomber Cesar Sayoc's family, Ron Lowy, told CNN's Anderson Cooper that Sayoc has a major identity issue.

Sayoc, 56, has been arrested in connection to sending 14 bombs to news organizations and Democrats.

"He suffered from identification issues. He needed people to be impressed with him. He had issues of insecurity. I then began to realize that he had what I considered a lesser IQ, substantial emotional problems. He was like a 14-year-old in an adult's body."

Lowy explained that the family wanted him to get medical help, but that he was a definite and refused help. He describes the family as being "destroyed."

Lowy said that Sayoc looked up to President Donald Trump as a role model.

Lowy said he was lost and "found a father in Trump."

Watch below via CNN.