A bizarre new movie about Trump's presidency offers a terrifying glimpse into Christian authoritarianism

A new movie about Donald Trump's presidency claims that he was divinely appointed to rule America -- and that all good Christians' duty is to obey him without question.

The movie, called "The Trump Prophecy," centers around Mark Taylor, a fireman who says that God directly told him that Trump would become president before he ever announced his intention to run in 2015.

In an interview for the movie conducted by the Christian Broadcasting Network, Taylor explains how he came to the divine revelation that a one-time game show host would soon come to control the most powerful country on Earth.

"I didn't know about Donald Trump, I just knew he was a very powerful businessman," he said in the interview. "So I'm listening to him being interviewed, and all of a sudden I hear the voice of the Lord say, 'You're hearing the voice of a president.'"

While the premise of the movie may sound absurd, Vox writer Tara Isabella Burton says that the movie itself has sinister and frightening themes and messages that expose an authoritarian worldview.

"This vision of Christian domesticity, with male heads of household shaping spiritual matters for their female counterparts, is central to the film’s vision of a 'good' Christian life: a chain of well-ordered relationships in which wives submit to their husbands, and husbands submit to Trump," she writes. "The implication is clear: There’s an unbreakable chain of command in God-approved American life, and Donald Trump is at the top of it."

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