‘Blatantly racist’ Texas high school threatens to kick black teen off football team over his braids

A Texas high school is under fire after instituting a dress code that allegedly discriminates against black students, reports Fox 24.

Greenwood Independent School District is being criticized for banning male students from having braids in their hair. Furthermore, their hair can't be more than two inches in height.

Many parents were appalled by the code.

"It's embarrassing that Greenwood can't catch up with the times. This is not a good ol' country boy cotton community anymore," D'aune Williams, a grandparent of a student at the school, told reporters.

She said her grandson was singled out.

"Everyone had until Monday to get into code, however Trey was told that if he did not remove his braids by tomorrow morning he would not be able to play in the football game on Friday," said Williams.

"What does your hair have to do with how you do your job or responsibilities? Nothing. Your hair does not make you who you are, all your hair is, is an expression of your personality."

Students agreed.

"The new change is the most blatantly racist thing I think our school has ever done. I think it's just utter garbage," said sophomore Nolan Kirby.