'Bomb' package sent to Cuomo turns out to be 'Proud Boys' propaganda
Andrew Cuomo (The Washington Times)

A package sent to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office caused a scare after several potential bombs and other suspicious materials were sent to politicians and CNN Wednesday — but the innocuous materials inside his package are of a different nature.

During a briefing about the package sent to Time Warner Center addressed to CNN and former CIA Chief John Brennan, NYPD Commissioner said Cuomo received a "threatening" letter and a thumb drive filled with speeches from the Proud Boys.

"A senior law enforcement official told News 4 the item was a threatening letter, not a device, that referenced the Proud Boys street brawl from earlier this month," NBC New York reported. "There was no explosive, the official said. A second official confirmed no device was mailed to the governor's office."

Journalist Jack Fink shared information on the package sent to Cuomo, including a photo.