‘This cannot stand’: Maddow shames Trump for ‘deliberately interfering with funerals of murder victims’
MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow (screengrab)

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow on Monday publicly shunned President Donald Trump for planning to interfere with the funeral plans for Pittsburgh shooting victims by visiting the city on Tuesday.

"I need to tell you, tonight, one of the things that we are keeping an eye on is something that I think we'll have to change over the course of this evening -- it doesn't change in the exact hour we are live on the air -- it will have to change overnight, because it seems absolutely untenable what the president is planning to do here," Maddow noted.

Maddow noted Trump's travel plans would interfere with funerals for the victims and that local Jewish leaders have demanded he "fully denounce white nationalism," in an open letter to the White House. As of publication, 54,762 people have signed the open letter.

"The city is literally saying as a matter of public safety -- which you would think would be paramount at this time -- they cannot devote enough resources to both protect both the funerals of the massacre victims and also bring the president into the city where he would like to show up despite all the requests from that city to the contrary," Maddow noted.

"So, like I said, we're watching this sort of small element of this story tonight because it just seems like one of -- this just seems like a thing that cannot stand, right?" she wondered.

"The president continuing to hold his political rally and tweeting about baseball within hours of the worst attack in the history of the United States on Jewish Americans, maybe that was stuff he just decided to do on his own," she suggested. "But the president now deliberately interfering with the funerals of the murder victims? Presumably that has to be a whole of White House effort, right?