Trump-loving Catholic nun explains how God gave Trump 'the intellect' to help our country
Nun at Trump rally [Photo:Screengrab from video]

During President Donald Trump's rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa, a Catholic nun praised the president for his intelligence.

A video posted on Twitter from Channel News 4 shows the nun speaking highly of Trump and saying that God called him to be president.

"This man does not need this job, he took this job because God provided him the intellect he has to help our country and to help the world," she said.

She then went on to oddly say that Trump "respects people."

"I love that he mentions God. He has a family. He respects people— whether people disagree with that or not. And he is the first who wants to take charge, take over, and help," she said.

"You know this president is the first one to say he is pro-life. Let me tell you something, God is not happy with the United States of America killing their own people with this abortion. He is not pleased," she said.

Watch the video below via Twitter.