‘Check your soul’: Conservative Matt Drudge unloads on Fox News for laughing about the massacre of Jews
Conservative Matt Drudge.

Conservative media personality Matt Drudge is not the likeliest critic of Fox News. But a segment on Fox this morning was too much even for him.

"A segment on Fox News this morning where hosts laughed and joked their way through a discussion on political impact of terror was bizarre," he posted to Twitter. "Not even 48 hours since blood flowed at synagogue? Check your soul in the makeup chair!"

Drudge was apparently referring to an Outnumbered segment this morning. He posted a picture of Fox News host Kennedy laughing above a chyron that said, "Questions on how mail bomb scare, synagogue attack could impact midterm voters eight days from now."

During a segment on Outnumbered, the Fox News hosts discussed how politicians were responding to the Pittsburg shooting and mail bombs targeting prominent liberals.

"Sadly tragedies are not even bringing us together any more," Kennedy said. "It used to be -- unfortunately, it was a unifying factor. We all remember how the country and in places like New York City, how people came together after 9/11. Watching vigils and other parts of the world as they pray for us and pray for our country to heal. It feels like we have really lost that."

She then pivoted to joking about voting for a third party as her colleagues laughed.

"What I will say is being a member of a third party for a little while," Kennedy remarked. "Then you will see what it feels like to lose every single election and still walk around with a smile on your face."

A spokesperson for Fox News responded to Drudge in a statement.

"Kennedy made an unrelated quip at the end of the segment which was focused on unity – there was absolutely no joking or laughing about the events of this weekend and a screen grab of her smiling is hardly indicative of the entire segment. The lower third should not have been up for the duration of this segment as it was not fully reflective of what the panelists were discussing," the statement said.