Christian author suggests pro-Trump evangelicals are doing the work of Satan
Donald Trump holds up a Bible. Image via screengrab.

In an op-ed published Monday, a Christian author suggested that pro-Trump evangelicals are doing the work of Satan by supporting a president with so many "moral failings."

Author Rob Dalrymple wrote in his Patheos column that "whether Donald Trump is a good president or not" is "far from my concern."

"I am writing this because I believe that the evangelical right’s unapologetic support for Donald Trump as president is downright shameful and often extremely hypocritical," Dalrymple wrote, "not because he is a bad president, but because he is exemplifying a seriously flawed character that in no way should be affirmed by the Christian community."

The Christian writer noted that he is "constantly bewildered" at the way members of the Christian Right try to turn political leaders into the "salvation of the Church."

Responding to a letter from a reader who conceded that Trump is "very flawed," Dalrymple hyperbolically compared that characterization to other infamous leaders.

"Shall we suggest that Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot could 'get us back on track'?" he wrote. "After all, they were 'very flawed' men too!"

Dalrymple went on to assert that "Trump has shown no genuine indication that he is seeking after God."

"Nor, has he shown any sign of repentance for groping women, demeaning foreigners and the less fortunate, mocking handicapped persons, belittling others, etc.," he added.

"Tragically, the evangelical church’s endorsement of this man’s many moral failings and character flaws has had a significant impact on the church’s witness in the world," Dalrymple concluded. "This alone suggests that this is not the hand of God, but the hand of the enemy."

You can read the author's entire column via Patheos.