CNN analyst lauds DOJ for 'showing American what apolitical law enforcement looks like' during bomb press briefing
Attorney General Jeff Sessions (left) and FBI Director Christopher Wray (right). Image via Creative Commons.

A CNN national security analyst on Friday highlighted the bipartisan nature of the Justice Department's press briefing on the bombs sent to prominent Democrats — and why it was so important after the seemingly politically-motivated attacks.

The presser "really showed America what apolitical law enforcement looks like," CNN national security analyst Carrie Cordero said.

"Here you had a Republican attorney general, a Republican nominated and confirmed FBI director and they were leading the case of the violent acts that were taken against members of the Democratic Party in addition to John Brennan, who was a career intelligence professional," she said.

Cordero added that it was "such an important message" to send following the bomb scares, adding that Attorney General Jeff Sessions' "statement that they would not tolerate any kind of political violence was so important at this moment."

Watch below: