CNN analyst slams Trump’s 'bare minimum' response after mail bombs are sent to his political foes

CNN national security analyst Carrie Cordero delivered a blistering response to President Trump's tepid response to Wednesday's multiple acts of domestic terrorism, aimed at many of his political foes.

"It was the absolute bare minimum that the American people could expect from the president to say given the circumstances," Cordero said angrily, detailing the weakness of Trump's response. "I thought he should have spoken first. it would have been more appropriate to have him come out first, given that the entire morning has been spent watching the CNN news bureau out from their office in New York and reporting from a street corner."

Cordero also put the blame for the attacks on the president himself, saying his rhetoric was stoking the violence.

"Everybody knows that the president is the one who has contributed and is the primary proponent behind coarseness of American political discourse," she said. "But it also matters what he does next, what he does at his rally tonight and what him and his political allies do continuing in terms of their political engagement."

Watch the video below.