CNN’s April Ryan unloads on Trump's 'gutter politics': He does not understand being president
CNN analyst April Ryan. (Shuttershock)

CNN's April Ryan unloaded on President Trump's 'gutter politics' after the president attacked Stormy Daniels on Twitter for losing her defamation case against him. The president referred to Ms. Daniels, who is appealing the judgement, as "Horseface" in a tweet.

"It's disgusting as a woman, but as a journalist it's newsy," Ryan said. "This is the standard bearer for the American public. This is the leader of the free world, and he is chastising a woman."

Ryan pointed out that Trump has a long history of both attacking women's looks, and predicted it would backfire on him.

"He won, and now he's going after her, calling her a name," she added, clearly gobsmacked. "What does that do to the women who are still upset after the Kavanaugh confirmation? What does that do going into the polls in November? What does that do to his base, these white married women who voted for him at a tune of 51%? And also the white women who voted for him overall at a tune of 53%? What does that do in a moment when women are still hurting?"

Ryan slammed Trump's behavior, saying the president wasn't living up to his office at a time when the United States is facing multiple crises, including the rift with Saudi Arabia over presumably-murdered Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi and voter suppression allegations in Georgia.

"It's so much going on and what he can do, use his official Twitter account and call a woman alleged to have had an affair with 'Horseface', that's just wrong," she said. "It's street, it's gutter. It's not going into the gutter, it's there."

"He does not understand the unique perch he's sitting in, he does not understand this position," Ryan continued, her outrage growing as she seemed to speak directly to the president. "This is not a joke."

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