CNN's Jake Tapper questions Trump's strange denial in 2018 election hacking: 'I didn't do it!'
Jake Tapper shrugs (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN's Jake Tapper noticed President Donald Trump's strange disinterest and denial in the arrest of a Russian woman accused of attempting to hack the 2018 election.

"Nothing to do with my campaign," Trump said while at a campaign stop in Arizona Friday. "All of the hackers and all of the -- everybody that you see, nothing to do with my campaign. If they're hackers, a lot of them probably like Hillary Clinton better than me."

The host described the president's response as a kind of "not it!" reasoning, instead of reassuring Americans that the sanctity of the ballot will be protected.

"I mean one would think this is going to be like, 'This is going to stop. My Justice Department is on it. I want to protect the integrity of the vote.' No -- 'I had nothing to do with it!'" Tapper said, reiterating Trump's response.

CNN's Sara Murray note this has been the concern, the president doesn't seem to be interested in protecting the vote.

"We have seen it essentially since Trump took office about how seriously he takes the question of election meddling, whether he is really invested in efforts to stop it," she said. "And he sort of just sees it as: 'This is not what helped me get elected. This is not what happened my campaign.' Rather than 'OK, I'm president of the United States now and it's my job to ensure that democracy remains intact.'"

Watch the video below: