CNN's Symone Sanders reveals how Trump uses the media to distract his way out of scandals
Symone Sanders [Photo: screengrab from video]

On Friday, political commentator Symone Sanders shared insights into what she believes is President Donald Trump's media strategy while talking on a panel with CNN's Jake Tapper.

Reports have circulated that cable news outlets have decreased their Trump coverage, and have even decreased the frequency in which they air his campaign rallies.

"Somebody told CNN that he had to do two interviews with Fox to make up for the rally," Tapper said. "In other words, because they didn't carry the rally, he did a late-night interview with Fox and a morning interview with "Fox & Friends."

"That's [what you get] when it's the White House's network," Sanders said. "He's feeling emboldened coming off of Kavanaugh, but I think he's trying to distract us."

She added, "I think [he] throws up Kid Rock and Kanye West, bring in the cameras and let it rides. We're not talking about all these other things— we're not going to talk about the census, we're not talking about the Mueller investigation. We're not talking about a list of things we could be speaking about because Kanye is in the Oval Office."

"So I think their strategy is to throw as much out there as possible to muck up the waters because they know that the media will run with this," she concluded.

Watch Sanders full assessment on Trump's media strategy below via CNN.