College Republicans flip out and threaten to sue local bar for refusing to host pro-Kavanaugh kegger
University of Washington College Republicans president Chevy Swanson (Screen cap).

The University of Washington's chapter of the College Republicans has threatened to sue a local bar because it refused to host an event they planned to celebrate the confirmation of Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Local news station KIRO 7 reports that Seattle bar Shultzy’s Bar and Grill told the College Republicans over the weekend that it would not host their planned "Beers 4 Brett" party on the grounds that it is a sports bar that does not endorse any particular political viewpoint.

A group of 15 of the College Republicans went to the bar anyway to have drinks and were permitted to stay without incident.

Despite this, the chapter is still considering a lawsuit against Shultzy's for not wanting to serve as the official host of their celebration.

"It's very disheartening just to see something like this would get shut down, or be asked to shut down for not any good reason," complained University of Washington College Republicans president Chevy Swanson.

However, constitutional law expert Jeffery Needle tells KIRO 7 that, so long as Shultzy's has a blanket policy of refusing to officially host all political events, it's very likely in the clear.

"Then they're not treating one ideology different from any other ideology and they're not violating the statute," he said.

Watch KIRO 7's report on the threatened lawsuit below.