Conservative shreds Trump's Kanye stunt on CNN: 'A man who's clearly not OK and a president ready to exploit it'
Kanye West talks in the Oval Office (Screen cap).

Conservative commentator SE Cupp on Thursday scolded President Donald Trump's decision to have rapper and producer Kanye West come to the Oval Office in an attempt to improve his standing among black voters.

Reacting to footage of West's rambling, incoherent talk in the Oval Office, Cupp described the entire spectacle as "sad," while also saying it appears that West seems to be suffering from some mental health problems.

"That was really sad," she said. "I think you had there a man who's clearly not okay, and a president who's willing to exploit that. And worse, to exploit that under the auspices of race relations."

Cupp also said that she was struck by the similarities between Trump and West in terms of their personalities.

"In many ways, they are the same person," she said. "They are very ego driven and desperate for attention, so they give it to one another."

She finished by saying that while it's fine for the president to bring in celebrities that he believes will help him raise awareness of certain issues, the stunt of bringing West into the Oval Office and letting him rant was not helpful in doing that.

"Today was bonkers," she said. "It was crazy, it was off the rails."

Watch the video below.