Contractor's racist abuse caught on video -- but his company won't fire him because 'Trump's president': lawsuit
Contractor Steven Kasper yells racist abuse at employees (Screen cap).

A complaint filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claims that a New York contractor refused to fire his son despite the fact that he was caught on camera hurling racist abuse at employees.

The New York Daily News reports that the EEOC complaint alleges that Kenneth Kasper, a co-owner of the company Mid County Mechanical, brushed off former employee Rafael Galan's complaints about being subjected to racist abuse at the hands of his son, supervisor Steven Kasper.

"What do you expect?" Kasper asked Galan, according to the complaint. "Now that Trump's President, it's a white backlash. We're taking America back."

In a video given to the New York Daily News, Steven Kasper can be heard shouting racial epithets at other employees -- and at one point even hurling objects at them in fits of rage.

"Get a f*cking education like everybody else!" he yelled. "I'm tired of f*cking handouts because he's a Mexican and he's a moron with no education!"

Kasper can also be heard calling the employees "savages" and "f*cking idiots" who "ruined my country."

The complaint also alleges that Kasper regularly said the N-word and that he even tried to stab a worker with a screwdriver this past August.

Watch the full video at the New York Daily News.