'Desperate' GOP congressman attacks opponent for not quitting her internship after Trump won
Rep. Kevin Yoder (R-KS)/Campaign

Rep. Kevin Yoder (R-KS) is in a tough fight for his seat in the suburbs of Kansas City, facing a challenge from Democrat Sharice Davids.

Yoder is now attacking Davids for not quitting an internship she served with the Department of Transportation, according to the Kansas City Star.

Davids is a lesbian Native American raised by a single mother who was a veteran. After going to community college, she attended Cornell Law and worked as a White House Fellow during the Obama-Trump transition.

That one-year internship, which spanned the two administrations, has become a campaign issue for Yoder.

“What is it in her track record that tells us she would actually stand up to President Trump when she worked for him?” Yoder told the Star. “She worked for the agenda. I just think it seems to be a pretty weak promise… when she already had a chance to do it and she didn’t.”

Patrick Miller, a University of Kansas political scientist, said Yoder is trailing in the polls and desperate.

“First, that attack is insane," he said. "Those fellowship positions are nonpartisan internships, essentially. They are not political appointments."

At turns, Yoder has both claimed that Davids has helped Trump and that she would impeach him, which Miller said is a sign of how bad things look for him.

"I think we know that Yoder is the underdog here. He is not in a good position for re-election. Look at all the polling," he said. "The ridiculousness of that attack makes it sound desperate.”