'Does Donald Trump think we’ve been in a coma?': Stephen Colbert mocks GOP attempt to trick voters on health care
Late Night's Stephen Colbert. Image via screengrab.

On Friday, Late Show host Stephen Colbert joked that President Donald Trump has been spreading "pre-existing lies" when talking about his new health care plan.

"The GOP came up with an entirely new health care plan: lie lie lie," Colbert joked.

Trump said that he would protect people with pre-existing conditions.

"What the h*ll," Colbert said. "Does Donald Trump think we've been in a coma for two years?"

"We are not covered for that. He spent most of his presidency trying to repeal Obamacare. He would have gotten rid of everything, including pre-existing conditions, that he just swore he would save," he said.

Watch below.