Donald Trump lies about crowd size again --vastly inflates number in migrant caravan
Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Illinois on Saturday, October 27/Screenshot

At an Illinois campaign rally on Saturday, President Donald Trump again lied about crowd size.

Specifically, Trump more than doubled the size of the migrant caravan currently passing through Mexico.

The migrants are fleeing drug war-torn nations in central America and are planning to come to the United States to apply for asylum, as international law allows.

"If you look at that large group, sometimes it gets up to 17,000 people, they say," Trump said. "Today they say it gets bigger and bigger—doesn't make any difference because they're not getting in.... They can't come in."

The UN says there are about 7,000 people in the caravan, less than half the number Trump claimed.

The number has also shrunk, not grown.