Ex-CIA officer: Trump campaign's latest legal defense in DNC lawsuit 'basically screams collusion'
Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin (MSNBC)

Former CIA agent Alex Finley on Thursday admitted that she was "stunned" by the Trump legal team's latest filing as part of special counsel Robert Mueller's probe -- and she said it indicates there might be stronger evidence of the campaign conspiring with Russia than has been previously disclosed.

In particular, Finley linked to an analysis written in The Guardian of the Trump campaign's latest filing in a lawsuit related to the illegal 2016 hacking of the Democratic National Committee in which the campaign asserted that WikiLeaks could not be held liable for the release of stolen materials.

The Guardian analysis quotes Ryan Goodman, the former special counsel of the Pentagon, who breaks down why the Trump campaign's claims about WikiLeaks' liability do not hold up.

According to Goodman, special counsel Robert Mueller's recent indictment of Russian hackers established that WikiLeaks played an "active role" in the timing of releasing the stolen DNC emails.

"That fact, which was not known before, could significantly change the calculus as to whether they could claim immunity under the Communications Decency Act [Section 230] because they are no longer playing a passive role," he explained.

Reacting to Goodman's analysis, Finley writes on Twitter that it sounds as though the Trump campaign is admitting to some kind of coordination with WikiLeaks.

"This is really stunning considering that WikiLeaks worked on behalf of Russian intel," she says. "Even the Trump campaign’s legal defense basically screams collusion."