Ex-CIA officer Phil Mudd: Trump is responsible for the bombs sent to Democrats whether the White House wants him to be or not
Former CIA counterterrorism analyst Philip Mudd

Former CIA officer Phil Mudd said that President Donald Trump must take responsibility for a bomb threat sent to prominent Democrats and news organization on Wednesday.

While interviewing with CNN's Jake Tapper, Mudd said that the president's divisive language is having a negative impact on our country.

"A lot of people are coming out today and saying despite what the White House said, the president is responsible," Mudd said. "Going [to] political rallies and saying it's okay for a politician to body slam a reporter. The environment you create by saying things like that is not appropriate."

He added, "We cannot have an environment where we suggest to people that it's okay to commit an act of violence against anybody, including a journalist."

Watch below via CNN.