Ex-National  Security Council official explains why Putin must be pleased with MAGAbomber
President Donald Trump's manner with Russian leader Vladimir Putin was in contrast to the anger he flashed at NATO allies. (AFP / Brendan Smialowski)

Appearing on CNN on Saturday morning a former director on the National Security Council addressed the terrorist mail-bombing campaign allegedly carried out by an avid supporter of Donald Trump, saying Russian President Vladimir Putin must be pleased he backed the right presidential candidate.

Speaking with host Victor Blackwell, Sam Vinograd -- who served in the Obama administration in various national security positions -- said she looked at alleged bomber Cesar Sayoc from a "national security and global perspective."

"I think Vladimir Putin's thinking, 'boy, I really bet on the right horse in 2016,'" she predicted.

"Even a terrorist attack against a president's predecessor, against the office of presidency, is a divisive issue for this president," she explained.

"He is using it to pit Democrats against Republicans still, he is assailing our First Amendment rights -- we work here at CNN, we were attacked and he blaming the media," she continued. 'He is undercutting the law enforcement community by peddling a conspiracy theory yesterday or before whether the bomb threat was in fact real."

"For all of those reasons, the president looks like the divider-in-chief rather than using this as unifying moment, which signals that the Russians were right that ... Donald Trump was a candidate that helped their objectives, not the objectives of unifying our country," she noted.

"It is a scary day when investigators are probably looking at the president's Twitter feed to get leads on who else might be a potential target in this kind of attack, a copy-cat attack or whether the suspect sent multiple bombs out that haven't been found yet," she added.