FBI source tells MSNBC's Brian Williams they were only given the 'smallest expansion of scope' to investigate Kavanaugh
Kavanaugh faced an allegation that he assaulted a woman when they were teenagers. (AFP/File / SAUL LOEB)

MSNBC host Brian Williams said that he reached out to a source in the FBI, who is at the higher levels of management and was given a shocking bit of information.

It was reported by CNN that the FBI had indeed expanded their investigation, but apparently, it hasn't been by much.

"The anger that I'm feeling right now, it's almost incomprehensible," said former FBI special agent Frank Montoya, Jr. "I haven't felt like this in a long, long time."

He noted that he too is hearing the same things from his sources within the FBI about the scope still being extremely limited for the investigation into Kavanaugh.

"I've characterized it recently as catching another political football that -- in a no-win situation, but it's deeper than that," Montoya continued. "It is visceral. These are guys that they are professionals at investigating crimes of all sorts, and while this is a background investigation, they see lines of investigation that they should be following. And they're not being able or allowed to follow them."

He noted that it builds a frustration that continues to grow after enduring the things they've had to deal with over the last two years as their credibility and integrity have been assaulted.

"They pride themselves on doing well," he said of the FBI agents and officers. "It's not just for a living or as a job, but because it is their calling. A calling they swear under oath to fulfill to the ends of their lives if necessary. That's how deep this is."

Watch his full take below: