Fox News expert claims mail bombs could be sent by liberals 'trying to get the Democratic vote out'
Chris Swecker appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Chris Swecker, a former FBI assistant director, told Fox News on Wednesday that Democrats might be to blame for a series of mail bombs targeting former and current Democratic officials.

During breaking coverage of the explosive devices sent to former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, billionaire George Soros and former Attorney General Eric Holder, Fox News host Harris Faulkner asked Swecker to lend his expertise to the discussion.

"We're already seeing a little bit of a pattern," Swecker said. "They're going to be looking at this as a potential terrorist motive, whether it's on one side or the other."

"And as you correctly pointed out earlier," he told Faulkner. "This doesn't necessarily mean someone is espousing some sort of conservative ideology and targeting Democrats. It could be someone who is trying to get the Democratic vote out and incur sympathy."

"That's interesting," Faulkner agreed.

"It could go either way," Swecker added.

"And that's why we always caution against that [speculation]," Faulkner noted. "They could be the same facts for different reasons as you're pointing out."

Watch the video below from Fox News.