Fox News panel explodes into screaming after right-wingers ask Juan Williams for examples of right-wing violence
Juan Williams and Greg Gutfield on Fox News, composite image.

The Fox News political commentary show "The Five" descending into a shouting match on Thursday, as the panel's conservatives lashed out at Fox News analyst Juan Williams for pointing out the history of right-wing violence in America.

"It's funny, Democrats debating on whether to take -- take the high road," host Jesse Watters noted.

"People are comparing Donald Trump -- his words -- to left-wing deeds," argued host Greg Gulfeld, whose book describes his appearance on the show as "rants" in its subtitle.

"I get it, Trump can be rude, his jokes can be mean, but there is no right-wing Antifa or Occupy Wall Street, there's no right-wing Scalise shooting, there's no right-wing wing mobs," he claimed.

"Then you say there's no shooting?" Host Juan Williams asked. "You have to admit they went into a pizza parlor in Washington."

"How about Charlottesville? Did they run over someone at Charlottesville?" Williams asked, referring to the fatal "Unite the Right" rally that killed Heather Heyer.

The panel then descended into shouting.

"You have white nationalists, you have the Klan, how about the John Birch Society?" Williams reminded.