Franklin Graham warns Evangelicals about ‘devious and disgusting’ campaigning by ‘progressive-liberal socialists’
Franklin Graham showing off his sticker after voting in the 2018 midterm elections (Twitter)

The son of televangelist Billy Graham is urging Evangelical voters to cast a ballot because "this November’s midterm elections are once again the most important we have ever faced."

Franklin Graham wrote of the importance of turnout in the November issue of Decision magazine, which went online Wednesday evening.

"The spectacle surrounding the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh is just a foreshadowing of what we can expect if progressive-liberal socialists rule our country," he argued. "And believe me, they are doing whatever they can—no matter how devious and disgusting—to see their own godless agenda forced upon us."

He warned of "cleverly invented laws favoring the homosexual community" and said the Supreme Court "has rejected God's standards."

"When the American electorate put Donald Trump in our nation’s highest office, he did exactly what he promised to do in his campaign, and exactly what our nation needed," he claimed.

"There is a battle raging between good and evil, between right and wrong, between light and darkness," Graham argued. "The battle is raging in the halls of Congress, on the Senate floor, in the Supreme Court and on the media airwaves."

"That is why I am encouraging everyone to go out on Nov. 6 and vote for the candidate who is most closely aligned with Biblical values," he concluded. "Vote for those who are pro-life and who support the religious liberties that have undergirded our nation for centuries."