'What goes around comes around': Fox News fans celebrate explosive device found at George Soros' house
Press-hating Trump supporter yells at journalists at Florida rally (Frank Thorp V)

An explosive device was found in a mailbox at a New York house belonging to billionaire Democratic donor George Soros -- and many Fox News fans are cheering.

After Fox News reported the discovery of the explosive device on its Twitter account, many Fox followers replied with howls of glee that someone was seemingly trying to kill the 88-year-old financier, who was not at home at the time that the device was discovered.

"UNFORTUNATELY #Soros doesn't pick up his own mail," wrote one user.

Another user called the mail bomb "karma" for "funding the protesters, mobs, and whatever else."

Another Fox News follower relished the thought of Soros' death and said that "there is a very special, very warm place for him in the very near future."

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