'I heard he was a person who preferred me over others': Watch Trump try to distance himself from MAGAbomber
President Donald Trump (Screenshot)

President Donald Trump is on his way to North Carolina tonight, where he will hold a rally in Charlotte.

On his way there, Trump stopped to talk to the media. He was quickly besieged with questions about the MAGAbomber who allegedly mailed bombs to a number of prominent Democrats. The accused Magabomber is Cesar Sayoc, a Trump superfan who decorated the side of the van he lived in with pro-GOP images and regularly attended South Florida Trump rallies.

Trump was asked whether he had seen the alleged bomber's ride, dubbed the #Vanifesto by Twitter, and said he had not.

"I did not—I did not see my face on the van, Trump said. "I heard he was a person who preferred me over others but I did not see that."

Trump said he is not responsible for the #MAGA inspired violence.

"There's no blame, there's no anything," Trump said.

Watch below via Fox News: